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The philosophy of Ultimate Places is to cater to the traveller’s every desire, whatever the destination.

Ten years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the places where we travel have allowed us to select the most evocative, spectacular and uncommon destinations, and the most distinctive, prestigious and fascinating facilities on the planet.

The philosophy of Ultimate Places is to meticulously construct every experience for every type of traveller: from the most extreme adventure in the heart of nature to discovering the cultures and traditions of new countries, tracking the most elusive animals on earth, and enjoying the finest luxuries in every possible and exclusive expression.

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Wild Places Safaris plans and organizes itineraries to meet the needs – and fulfil the dreams – of every customer. We personalize each and every experience to make it one of a kind.

Our aim is to offer you our first-hand knowledge of unique and very different places, regions and countries that are not always easy to reach.

The concept? A haute couture travel company specializing in safaris, where every detail is carefully stitched together to offer you a bespoke experience.

The travel philosophy of Wild Places Safaris is based on ecotourism and responsible tourism, which means respecting the environment, natural resources and cultures, and getting local populations involved in tourist activities for the sustainable development of the countries we visit.

Our partners have decades of experience in luxury ecotourism and adventure travel, and this means we can propose impeccably researched and targeted ideas.

Gala dinner will be arranged by a renowned Michelin-starred resturant, META

Wild Places Safaris

Benedetta Mazzini

Benedetta Mazzini was born into a family where art and culture have been part of everyday life: her father was a journalist, her mother is a singer and her brother is a record producer. She started to work as a model at a very early age and, at the same time, embarked on a career as television presenter and the author of music programmes. Benedetta then went into cinema and theatre, but she never forgot her passion for music.

She has been an avid traveller since childhood: attentive, inquisitive, and ever in search of emotions and the desire to learn about new cultures. When she travels, she always strives to blend in with the colours, smells, and customs of the countries she visits.

The moment Benedetta set foot in Africa, it was love at first sight. Over the past thirteen years, between working in radio and television and writing articles, she takes every chance she gets to spend time on the Dark Continent. She has written travel articles for Vanity Fair Italia and conducted a television show called “Africa Benedetta”, illustrating life at safari camps in a sort of on-the-road documentary that was aired by Italy’s RAI 5 in 2010.

These experiences inspired the idea of turning her love for travelling into a structured project and a way of life. This is why in 2012 she founded Wild Places Safaris, a company offering “tailor-made travel” devoted to Africa and safaris.

Ultimate Places is a natural extension of this project, but it is much broader in scope, with the aim of helping customers discover the most exclusive and amazing places on the planet.

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Benedetta Mazzini
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