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GLightbox is a pure javascript lightbox. It can display images, iframes, inline content and videos with optional autoplay for YouTube, Vimeo and even self hosted videos.

Basic popup

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Custom Description

Redefine your marketing strategy

You can add links and any HTML you want. You can define description's specific position on each slide (bottom, top, left, right). Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Magni id molestias placeat doloremque sequi impedit nostrum cum explicabo porro illum inventore accusantium quia ad assumenda enim tenetur deserunt, ex quis? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur, adipisicing, elit. Expedita beatae corporis vel praesentium velit dignissimos sunt nostrum recusandae, aut aspernatur at officiis perferendis fugiat, a rem aperiam optio, debitis enim!


Gallery popup

Display HTML elements, web pages, video, google maps with ease. You can mix images, videos and any HTML content in each gallery. See example below:

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